Soho Hair Salon is Launched by our Good Friend Carole Lemire

Both Jill and I are very excited and proud for our long-time friend Carole Lemire, who is about to realize her dream.

When Jill and I were in New York City, celebrating Jill’s birthday, we were lucky to be able to share the trip with my good friend and co-worker, Greg Kureluk and his fiance Carole. Of course her title of fiance was added that weekend as Greg proposed to Carole in New York’s Central Park on a snowy, but romance filled Valentines Day (and Jill’s Birthday!).

As mentioned on her first blog post, it is while in New York, sitting at the back of a trendy bar in New York’s Soho District, we listened to Carole as she described her vision for creating a hair salon that matched her passion for hair styling. It was easy to offer her our encouragement because unlike many people who set out to start a business, her focus was dead-set on changing the customer experience. Her goal wasn’t set on making more money, working less hours, or “being the boss”; it was all about taking her 13 years of training and experience, and combine it to bring a unique experience for her customers.

As we have gotten to know Carole, her most endearing quality is her passion for the creative side of her business. She has paid to train herself at the Vidal Sasoon Academy in London, and lives and breath new styles and trends. When she was building the salon (Jill and I are investors), she was thinking through every detail. Wall paint has to be a colour which is a “neutral-pallete” for style viewing, the lighting system is speciality built for stylists, even the chairs are designed for customer and stylist comfort.

Carole will be joined at the salon by fellow stylist Sandy Nault, and Carole’s sister Josee. A starting line-up of expertise which will be providing a new styling experience to Edmonton on June 1st. Good luck and congratulations ladies, both Jill and I are very happy for you!

Soho is found at and on facebook and Twitter as well. Give them a follow.

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