Office Space Update – A worthy cause

Last June I posted a blog entry, looking to find an innovative use for our old Yardstick Software office space. Since we had a year left on our lease, and it was looking to be very difficult to find a sub-tenant for such a short period, we decided to try and find a tenant that may not have the funds, but would benefit by having access to this type of space.

I am very pleased to announce that since August 1st, we have been able to donate the space to Christian Immigrant Support Services. Here is a small bit on what they do to help new Canadians in our community:

We are an organization that understands the challenges and struggles with relocating to a new country. It can be overwhelming to try to understand a new land, new people, new languages, and new ways of doing things.

It is our mandate to help all immigrants receive available services to make their transition easier. We also exist to help build a better community by reducing crime through positive role-modeling, a caring environment and training. We also aim to collaborate with existing organizations to help immigrants receive complete, and holistic care.

Services Include:

  • Basic computer training and typing skills
  • Homework help for students
  • Liason between families and schools
  • Helping find employment and affordable housing
  • Assistance in resume writing and job applications
  • Summer camps for children
  • Orientation to life and culture in Edmonton and Canada
  • Language interpretors
  • Referrals to community services
  • Various workshops in the areas of health, adjusting to a new culture, family violence, youth violence and the gang, employment (how to get a job and keep it)

We are happy to have had the chance to meet the CISS team, and special recogntion to Ruth Moore of Edmonton, who connected us with this great cause. Good luck CISS, your work is valuable and appreciate by many new Edmontonians.

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  • John Winslow September 19, 2010   Reply →

    Way to go, Chris. A very worthy organization!!

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