How to recover from a Government stall.

As a pilot, one of the first things you learn how to recover from is a stall. In aviation terms, a stall is simply when the speed over your wings fails to provide the lift they have been designed to provide.

In political terms, at least recently in Alberta, a stall may be when the opposition steals your lift…. and the government fails to provide enough power to fly through the dynamic.

Today the government entered a stall. Easily recoverable from, but deadly if you don’t quickly add power and get lift back over your wings.

This legislative session has been defined by the opposition. They have sucked the wind from over the Government’s wings.  The Premier, and the Government have let them do it.

As I have said earlier, it’s an easy recovery. Simply, add speed. In other words, show momentum by talking about vision and momentum. Don’t let the drag of negativity pull you down, when all you need is to talk about the future and positive opportunities for the Province.

The PC government is governing well, considering the legislation being passed. However they are not communicating well, when you consider the lack of vision being conveyed.

It’s time they pushed the stick forward and added power. Otherwise, a STALL handled poorly turns into a SPIN… and well, that’s much more lethal.


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