Why I am Supporting Randy Boissonnault for Edmonton Centre

For many years, I chose not to concern myself with what the rest of Canada thought about Edmonton. In my heart I knew the special nature of this community and in many ways me, my company and my family have all benefited because of it. But in the last few years, especially as a business owner who relies on a vibrant community, I chose to double-down my commitment in helping the city; because what is great about Edmonton is often misunderstood.

We are entrepreneurial builders; we are a tolerant, accepting, diverse place, and we are scrappy about helping each other succeed as opposed to tearing each other down in competition.

In Co-Chairing the original Make Something Edmonton taskforce, and as an ardent supporter of Startup Edmonton and its first board chair, I met Randy Boissonnault. Randy, shares the same passions I do for these things, but he also embodies them. He was one of our first supporters of Startup Edmonton, donating to join the Founders 50, a significant commitment to give back to the startup ecosystem exploding in Downtown Edmonton. As the founder of Literacy Without Borders and a successful entrepreneur in his own business, Randy is also a builder, a maker, a starter and a finisher.

Randy will be a great Member of Parliament for Edmonton Centre, I have little doubt about that. I have worked with him as a volunteer and my company has hired him as a business consultant. Randy is driven to results and committed to positive outcomes.

However I am supporting Randy for something more than that. When Ottawa and the rest of Canada look at Randy as an example of Edmonton’s best, we will  be proud of what they see. As Randy has said to me again and again, Canada needs more Edmonton… and I couldn’t agree more….. which is also why Edmonton Centre needs Randy Boissonnault.

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