It’s Show Me Time in Alberta Politics

Trying to find an opinion about the Alberta PC Party and its recent leadership race is easy. Finding one that is new, or would make a difference after being said, is nearly impossible. For this alone, the person who invented the word ‘clusterfuck’ might deserve a Pulitzer. But in my stupidity, I will try.

For the first time in my political adult life, I am exhausted by a situation. The fact of the matter is that the next PC Leader will be our next Premier. The next Premier will lead a party that has control over a piece of political real estate that every other plausible governing Alberta party wishes it could: the Centre. Social Progressive and Fiscal Conservative. (Some share that space, one pretends too, but none control it).

Clearly Jim Prentice is the likely candidate to emerge with the PC job. No matter how hard Thomas Lukaszuk might scrap for it, or how blindly Ric McIver may think he is equipped for it, neither could sustain the party as leader with no support from caucus. People who think otherwise are loyal and idealistic at best and delusioned at worst. Contrary to what they might think, I still admire many of them.

So, what?

Well all I can think to write, that has not been said enough, is this:

It’s fucking Show Me Time.

Here is what I mean by Show Me:

  1. A damn near brand new cabinet.
  2. Many notable retirements across rural, urban and rurban constituencies by PC dead-weight who have served more than 2 terms
  3. Retirement of any MLA caught in ethical or legal conundrums
  4. New MLA candidates that represent the best of Alberta. I’d personally like to see the Top 40 under 40 of farmers, policy wonks, artists and entrepreneurs. Piss off career politicians and graduate degreed “know it alls” who haven’t done much past suck at the tit of people in power.
  5. A massive by-election, of say 10 constituencies, where these new candidates can prove (or not) if the people of Alberta are really ready to give this government one more shot… as we are led to believe.
  6. Mr. Prentice and his team endorsing a slate of candidates for this fall’s PC Party executive elections. The Party is more than it’s elected leaders, and although the party has many great volunteers, it’s Executive, Regional Directors and even many CA Presidents need to be replaced.

Now, dear friends from other centrist parties, who think I am part of the problem even supporting the idea of another PC government. Well, truth is, as I have said above… we will have a PC government for another 2 years like it or not. If they can’t do much or all of the above, then they will be dealt a mother of a blow and be out of the government business anyways. Then, if that happens, we will have this… which isn’t all bad either:

  1. A complete collapse of the Party in 2016 election results
  2. The legitimate land rush to the political real-estate left behind
  3. New alternatives, like the Alberta Party, getting a chance to really prove themselves

Everyone wins. Either way.


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