Living with Intent.

I have had one hell of a year. I have had my political ass kicked, kicked some business ass, lost my dearly beloved dog Murphy, and sadly accepted, last summer, my 21 year marriage would be best converted to a deep-friendship and lifelong partnership in parenting.

I drank too much and exercised hardly at all. I spent too much time thinking that success in boardrooms; time in airplanes and airports, closing deals, would deliver me a kind of happiness. I started taking blood pressure medication. No fucking kidding, right?

So yeah, I am happy to leave 2015 behind. But I am also deeply thankful for the lessons it gave me. I am thankful that I get to remain dear friends with a woman who shared with me more than half of her life, and who, with our two daughters, have taught me what unconditional loves means. I am thankful that I get to work with my best friends, so those hours in the boardrooms never feel like work… and finally I am thankful for the chance to build a newer version of my life, with intent and more purpose towards health and happiness.

Of course we all get that chance, every morning we open our eyes. I just might be a more stubborn, a slower learner than most of you. Come back and visit here from time-to-time; I am happily back sharing my thoughts, ideas, revelations and questions with the World from here. (Because, allegedly, living a life of intent requires me to express my intentions).


Happy New Year!






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